Personal Facts about Mithoon

 Mithoon started learning music at the age of 11. At first he was introduced to the keyboard by Rajiv Shah who showed him the basics of the instruments. Later on, he trained under leading Pianist Tony Pinto who introduced him to some Jazz techniques.

He was also trained under Naseer Quadri Sahaab through whom he learnt the structure of Indian Classical music. Mithoon’s father, Mr. Naresh Sharma, an acclaimed Composer and Arranger, being involved in the background music and arrangement career for more than 200 movies was also supervising Mithoon’s training and development. He holds his father in great esteem and takes inspiration primarily from him as an idol in the field of music.



Mithoon has had the privilege to spend time with the Maestro, Pyarelalji, who generously shared quite a few experiences from his colossal career. Mithoon firmly states that Payerelalji is the one from whom he learnt the concept of the proportionate finger weight on the piano.


Even though Mithoon didn’t directly get a chance to learn under him. Mithoon still believes that his grandfather, Late Shri Pandit Ramprasad Sharma has laid the foundation of music for his life. Pandit Ramprasad Sharma has been an institution himself teaching more then 5000 students in various fields of music. Many of today’s leading musicians have performed on international levels are students of Pandit Ramprasad Sharma and all through his 50 years and more of teaching music has been done without any monitory involvement. Infact, Pandit Ramprasad Sharma provided shelter to many homeless kids and taught them the art of  music so they could stand up on their own two feet. Mithoon believes and confirms that this noble and incomparable contribution of his grandfather is the foundation of his career today.


Mithoon truly believes that 10 years or 50 years later; wherever he is, he will always be a Musician. He will always seek to express himself more and more sincerely. It is necessary to listen to the person inside us because he expresses nothing but the truth.


~ by mithoonsharma on September 30, 2012.

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