Mithoon’s Achievements

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Mithoon started learning music at the young age of eleven. He comes from a family of celebrated musicians.

In the very beginning of his career stream at the age of 16, he wanted to be a concert pianist but nevertheless later decided to be a music composer for films and started working towards this determined goal.


His first assignment for music production was to recreate Woh Lamhe Woh Baatien, which truly changed the entire phase of Bollywood music in 2005.


In 2006 his first film as an independent music composer came around, Bas Ek Pal was an award winning score; he won his first award for the song Tere Bin from the film Bas Ek Pal.


Atif Aslam got his first hit through Mithoon, the Indian audience accepted him with open arms. Mithoon followed this up with the sound track from the movie Anwar, which was unanimously declared to be an awesome soundtrack and quite impactful music for the decade.


Songs like Maula Mere and Tohse Naina Lage have been universally accepted as gems embedded in the history of Indian film music.

These accomplishments were followed on by some other events; he went further up his career peak and signed his full fledged movie scope Emraan Hashmi starrer The Train-Some line should never be crossed and played the part of the playback singer as well. Records claim that this movie remained at the top of the charts for months, songs like Woh Ajnabee and Zindagi ne Zindagi bhar gam diye played on all radio stations more than FIVE times a day, both these songs were sung by Mithoon.


After which the music of the movie Aggar came about, which was hugely accepted by the listeners and songs like Ke bin Tere and Paas aaya kyu became quite popular.



Right after that Mithoon did a guest composition for Atif Aslam’s  first  Indi-Pop album Doorie, the song that was composed and produced by Mithoon was Kuch is Tarah and it completely changed Atif’s image as a vocalist. The song established him as an able vocalist and is still considered to be one of his best songs.


Mithoon did the music for the National award winner film director Rahul Dholakia’s much hyped Lamhaa, the film which starred Sanjay Dutt & Bipasha Basu along with all its controversies is still known for its music. The audio soundtrack got a 5 star review and the song Madno has etched its place in everyone’s heart and mind as one of the best love ballads.


Next, he did the music for the super hit film Murder 2 which had two exceptional songs from him, Phir Mohabbat & Aye Khuda. Times of India even declared Phir Mohabbat as the second best love song of the year.

Mithoon furthermore did a guest composition for Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2 which is also written by him.


Also, sometime in the year 2005 he did a Malaysian movie Diva produced by Astro Shaw. He did five songs for the movie and the background score with Malaysian leading R&B vocalist, Ning Baizure.


In the year 2009 Tu hi mere rab ki tarahMithoon’s Music Album came about and yet another album is yearned by his entire fan following.



Personal Facts about Mithoon

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 Mithoon started learning music at the age of 11. At first he was introduced to the keyboard by Rajiv Shah who showed him the basics of the instruments. Later on, he trained under leading Pianist Tony Pinto who introduced him to some Jazz techniques.

He was also trained under Naseer Quadri Sahaab through whom he learnt the structure of Indian Classical music. Mithoon’s father, Mr. Naresh Sharma, an acclaimed Composer and Arranger, being involved in the background music and arrangement career for more than 200 movies was also supervising Mithoon’s training and development. He holds his father in great esteem and takes inspiration primarily from him as an idol in the field of music.



Mithoon has had the privilege to spend time with the Maestro, Pyarelalji, who generously shared quite a few experiences from his colossal career. Mithoon firmly states that Payerelalji is the one from whom he learnt the concept of the proportionate finger weight on the piano.


Even though Mithoon didn’t directly get a chance to learn under him. Mithoon still believes that his grandfather, Late Shri Pandit Ramprasad Sharma has laid the foundation of music for his life. Pandit Ramprasad Sharma has been an institution himself teaching more then 5000 students in various fields of music. Many of today’s leading musicians have performed on international levels are students of Pandit Ramprasad Sharma and all through his 50 years and more of teaching music has been done without any monitory involvement. Infact, Pandit Ramprasad Sharma provided shelter to many homeless kids and taught them the art of  music so they could stand up on their own two feet. Mithoon believes and confirms that this noble and incomparable contribution of his grandfather is the foundation of his career today.


Mithoon truly believes that 10 years or 50 years later; wherever he is, he will always be a Musician. He will always seek to express himself more and more sincerely. It is necessary to listen to the person inside us because he expresses nothing but the truth.

Mithoon’s Music

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Mithoon’s music is about all about individuality. He believes that his music is a true reflection of his own personality and that his music stands for sincerity and simplicity. Poetry has always been a significant part of his songs and he will always be indebted to the genius poet Sayeed Quadri who has contributed a lot to Mithoon’s music.


Another highlight of Mithoon’s music is when he casts his singers, he is known to bring the singers out of their comfort zone and make them do something completely new which in itself reinvents them; whether it be Atif Aslam, Roop kumar Rathod, Palash Sen or Mika Singh, Mithoon has always used them in a zone contrary to their own.

In similar scenarios, Mithoon has given the music industry many new singers like Kshitij Taare, Shipa Rao, Arijeet Singh, Mohd. Irfaan, Saiam Bhatt and Josh. Their first songs in Bollywood were nurtured under Mithoon’s guidance.


His songs are:


  • Who Lamhein Who Baatein  from the movie Zeher
  • Juda Hoke bhi from the movie  Kalyug
  • Title Track  of the movie Bas ek Pal
  • Tere Bin  from the movie  Bas ek Pal
  • Maula Mere Maula from the movie Anwar
  • Tohse Naina Laage  from the movie Anwar
  •  Who Ajnabee from the movie The Train – some lines should never be crossed
  • Mausam from the movie The Train – some lines should never be crossed
  • Beetien Lamhein  from the movie The Train – some lines should never be crossed
  • Teri Tamanna from the movie The Train – some lines should never be crossed
  • Title Track of the movie The Train – some lines should never be crossed.
  • Title Track of the movie Aggar
  • Nach le from the movie Aggar
  • Ke bin Tere from the movie Aggar
  • Paas Aaya Kyun from the movie Aggar
  • Sehra from the movie Aggar
  • Kuch is Tarah from the album Doorie
  • Ek shaqs from the album Junoon
  • Madno from the movie Lamhaa
  • Main kon hoon from the movie Lamhaa
  • Zameen-o-aasman from the movie Lamhaa
  • Salaam Zindagi from the movie Lamhaa
  • Rehmat Zara from the movie Lamhaa
  • Saajna from the movie Lamhaa
  • Phir Mohabbat from the movie Murder 2
  • Aye khuda from the movie Murder 2
  • Yeh Kasoor from the movie Jism 2
  • Tu hi mere rab ki tarahMithoon’s Music Album.



A Fact about Mithoon’s Music:


 In the song ‘Yeh Kasoor’ from Jism 2, the character’s point of view was that, “My biggest mistake in life was that I believed in fairy tales!”
This line of thought from the character inspired the wordings of the song for Mithoon.

How big a Mithoon fan are you?

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Are you ready to experience the magic LIVE?! Feel the music drum into your senses like a storm waiting to happen! This is THE silence before a Musical storm; JUST wait for the magic to recreate a musical envelope all around you!
He is all set for his First ever Live event in the city of oranges, Nagpur in the coming month of October!

Sunday Mania

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Sunday Mania at

How many of you like to live for Sundays? Like this post if it’s your favourite day of the week. And comment to let us know what all you do to enjoy your Sunday!


How many of you love and relate to the song,’ Aye khuda’?!

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Kaisi khala yeh dil mein basi hai
Ab toh khatayein fitrat hi si hai
Main hi woh jo rehmat se gira

Aye khuda Gir gaya Gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door huaa
Lut gaya Lut gaya..
Aye khuda…aa…
Gir gaya, Gir gaya
Main jo tujh se door hua
Lut gaya, Lut gaya..